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Offers and news

Carlee's offers

Welcome new Stylist

Our new hair stylist Carlee has moved from Queensland to Melbourne, and cannot wait to meet – and impress – our Kensington clientele, who will enjoy 20% off all services

Rachel's offers

Welcome new Junior Stylist

Help our vibrant stylist fine tune her skills and save: from 30% off all foiling and colour services (with the guidance and supervision from senior stylists). Rebook with Rachel for another 30% off your next visit

Sophie's offers and packages

Support our Junior Apprentice and save

(all include wash and dry)
* One-length hair trim  $44 (save $44)
* Face framing (6–10 foils)  $88 (save $20)
* Colour regrowth + one-length trim  $120
* Colour regrowth + blow dry bouncy  $135

Wow factor treatment

Kim Kardashian & Ariana Grande are fans

Color Wow Dream Regime ($35) is a game changer to fight frizz or achieve a non-greasy, glass finish, lasting up to 4 washes

$15 treatments still on

Nourish your post-lockdown hair

Serum (regularly $20) or 60-Second Rich Repair (regularly $25); add one of these treatments to your next appointment

Colour service express

30 minutes only

The service is mostly done at the salon, but you rinse it off at home ($84 to $99, roots to ends; price dependent on length / product)

Regular services

Prices are subject to change without notice and determined by extension of service (length of hair or number of foils, for example) and staff experience.
We are happy to provide you with a quote during consultation.


Baby first haircut and photoshoot – $45
Toddler / boy / girl haircut – $48

Fringe trim – $20

Girl haircut (6 to 12 years-old) – $59
Girl haircut and finish – $68
Teenage restyle – $75

Lady regular haircut – $88
Lady style haircut and finish – $98
Lady restyle haircut and finish – $118

Hair shave / undercut – $45
Man haircut and finish – $58
Man style haircut and finish – $64
Man long restyle haircut and finish – $75

Hair styling

Dry off – $20
Blow dry after colour – $52
Blow dry – $59
Blow dry bouncy – $65
Blow dry event – $75 to $82
Express curls (on clean, dry hair) – $75
Hair up – $95
Trial updo – $99
Styling event – $120
Bride / formal – $135

Hair colour

Bleach regrowth (4–6 weeks) – $110
Bleach regrowth – $119
Bleach medium – $135
Bleach thick – $162
Colour over bleach / foils – $80

Colour regrowth – $84 to $92
Regrowth and emulsify – $92
Colour and gloss – $99
Colour and gloss long – $119

Gloss toner with foils – $39 to $59

Man haircut and colour – $138

Takeaway hair colour

Regrowth 6 to 8 weeks (40g mix) – $65
Hair colour gloss (pixie) – $75
Hair colour gloss (all over, short) – $85


Pure pigments – $10 to $20


Balayage subtle – $175
Balayage dramatic – $228
Free hand painting – $80 to $200


Face framing (6 to 10 foils) – $88
Foils 1/2 head – $155
Foils 1/2 often 2 colours – $162

Foils impact panels – $97
Foils reverse T-section – $119
Foils crown – $138

Foils full head fine simple – $188
Foils full head long – $199
Foils full head thick and long – $218


Permanent wave – $213

Hair treatments

Serum – $20 ($15; limited time)
60-second Rich Repair – $25 ($15; limited time)
Treatment with massage – $25
4-Stage Protein treatment – $35
NEW! Color Wow Dream Regime – $35

Olaplex short – $49
Olaplex medium – $55
Olaplex long – $105
Olaplex short 3 services – $80
Olaplex thick medium – $95
Olaplex thick long – $105

Hair smoothing treatment – $200 to $300


Beer (bottle) – $8
Red wine (bottle) – $8
White wine (bottle) – $8
Sparkling wine (bottle) – $8

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Tuesday to Friday9am–7pm

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Order your DIY colour kit

We mix your hair colour and pack it to go. Apply it at home and wash it out!
Free drop off (Kensington only) and pick up available
$65 to $85 (dependent on length and product)


I just wanted to say thanks, and pass to Mila, for taking the time and care to get that perfect result. I will always be happy to pay for quality and for experience.

– Rebecca

Great salon, great staff, great customer service. Had a minor issue and it was fixed, with a smile, no questions asked.

– Caoimhe

Really enjoyed hair colouring service and highly recommend Julie, especially if it is a challenging job;
Wendy and the team worked hard on the mess I came in with and helped me achieve my new look.

– Melissa

Lovely to see how all was humming and how brilliantly well you [Wendy] have done;
your values in supporting others – your team and your clients – shone!

– Deb

Thank you so, so much, Wendy, can't recommend you and your 'take home' solution more highly.
– Alison

I think you are doing a brilliant job [during the pandemic], and your customers appreciate that.

– Deb

Thank you, Wendy and team, for always being so friendly and welcoming and great at what you do!

– Lucy

Service was friendly and informative.

– Samantha

The service is what helps make it value for money.

– Tina

Very friendly, good service and great result.

– Bridget

I am so happy I found Avrielle and the team at hair of bellair...
I am already looking forward to my next appointment.

– Megan

Excellent, nothing to be improved, very happy with my experience.
Lovely salon and staff.

– Jessica

Hair style exactly what I was seeking; great job.

– Natasha

I was overall very pleased with the service provided, and so was my friend.

– Flavia

The staff were lovely, the salon was beautiful, comfortable, and I'll definitely be back.

– Louise

Sophie did a great job cutting my hair!

– Nicole